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I met Janah and Jay through a common friend. The first time I met them I thought we were just gonna talk about their wedding plans. What I didn’t know was that they were ready to close the deal of having their wedding clothes made by me. They are a very sunny couple: Both good looking and vibrant.  They have a concrete idea of what they want to wear on their wedding day, but they also listened to my suggestions and trusted my advice. We had to change many details and came up with better and more realistic targets.

They are the easiest couple to talk with. Well, I think I am blessed to have clients that are very easy to talk with. But this couple here is very friendly and smiley.  They are both based abroad, so many of our schedules had to be adjusted, but because they were so nice, we are all always in agreement.  I worked with this project closely; choosing the details very carefully. For the bride, I chose a floral motif for the lace details and used just a little bit of Swarovski crystals and beads to add sparkle to an already sparkling persona. We did a navy blue Merino wool suit with black peak lapel for Jay.He looked really daper. 


 First fitting was a breeze. I went to their place in Antipolo personally and fitted the garments and had very few adjustments. Due to them being based abroad, we only got two chances for fitting. It was a good thing that the fit was already perfect the first fitting that the second fitting was just to check the complete look a week before their wedding.

I also went to their wedding in Antipolo to join the celebration as well as to assist them in dressing up. I help them get dressed and assisted Janah on her way to the entrance of the ceremony hall. Its times like these I cherish as I get to see the bride’s face shine on her day. It’s priceless.

I always work with my clients closely. I want them to feel my presence. I want them to be included.

Being a Mick Perez bride, you feel in control of the process.

You are not just a client; you are a partner.

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